India as a Super Power: Measures and Strategies


In the previous article, we discussed India’s place in the global power matrix. India finds itself among the companies of weak countries. Such kind of fate of our nation was not expected by our freedom fighters. Our freedom fighters always hoped India to be a powerful country in the world. In fact, the Indian constitution desires India to find its rightful place in the group of nations. Even Ancient Indian scriptures have always encouraged us to seek power and glory. The famous saying of Samskrit “वीर भोग्या वसुंधरा” asks Indians to seek power and enjoy the spoils of power. Here are the measures that can be helpful for India to attain its rightful place in the global power setup.

Development of Indigenous grand narrative

India needs to develop an original grand narrative instead of sticking to a pirated version of ragtag secularism and liberalism. These grand narratives are neither suitable for India nor promote nation Building. They promote discord and segmentation of Indian society. Instead, a new grand narrative based on Sanatan Dharm values should be created. This means the Indian state will be the guardian of the Indic dharmic system as Israel is of Judaism, France is of secularism. This means all the state-sanctioned discrimination against Hindus be it state take over of temples, special protection and support to two Abrahamic religions, state apathy against loss of Hindu lives and property, will have to come to an end. Though India will not discriminate among citizens as many Islamic nations do, it will actively seek to promote and protect Sanatan dharma and the Indic value system.

Implications of Indigenous grand narrative

State check over demographic invasion of India

The state will actively stop the existing demographic invasion of India, and put a stop to the conversion activities of missionaries and Islam in India. It will adopt measures of population control to check the demographic invasion of India by Islam.

Restoration of demolished temples

The Government of India will actively help in the restoration of demolished temples of India and restore them to their ancient glory with help of Hindu society. Legislative roadblocks like the places of worship act will be suitably amended for this. [ Read Here ]

India to be natural homeland for the Hindus

Indian state will make special efforts to provide refugees from Hindu and other Indic faiths from any part of the world as Israel does. Cut off date of December 31, 2014, from CAA will be removed.

Control over Christianity and Islam

As Islam and Christianity in India are branches of two global giants faith MNCS, their activities will be brought under the control of the government of India. They can not take protection under the freedom to propagate the faith. These faith-based MNCs are trying to subvert the Indian nation and its unity and integrity. Such subversion of the Indian state under instructions of the Vatican or Saudi Arabia will have no constitutional protection. Hence they need to be brought under strict control of the state.

End of state sanctioned discrimination against Hindus

All discriminatory state laws and practices shall have to go. This means articles 21 A ( RTE) and articles 29 and 30 will have to be suitably amended to end anti-Hindu discrimination inherent in these articles. It will free all temples from state control and hand them over to Hindu devotees.

Creation of indigenous institutions and abolition of existing semi-colonial institutions:

India should build new institutions and replace the existing semi-colonial institutions. This needs a complete overhaul of bureaucracy, wherein lateral entry from outside should be the norm rather than the exception. This will allow talented people from outside to be part of nation-building. Besides this, the existing system of civil services recruitment from UPSC needs a complete overhaul. Instead of using western theories in the Civil services exam, Indigenous Indic social models and history should be used for civil servants recruitment. In addition to this, the existing policy of one size fits all approach wherein a single exam is used to recruit diplomats, Police, tax, and Transport officials, different exams should be done away with. As these are different specialized tasks and hence require a different set of abilities. Hence it would be better to design specific exams to test a specified set of abilities. Similarly, the Judiciary and laws need to be completely overhauled. There should be a complete overhaul of IPC, CRPC, etc in accordance with our societal needs free from western prejudices. Judiciary also needs to be made more accountable by adopting a more transparent system for the recruitment of judges. The existing collegium system is opaque and does not reflect the ethos of a republic.

Decolonization of Indian Education:

Indian education from school to college needs to be decolonized. Indian achievements from science and technology need to be included in Indian textbooks. Similarly, history should be written from an Indic perspective. The Marxist and postmodernist view of history has already done enough destruction of our nation. It needs to be immediately stopped. Indian universities need to be reincarnated. Instead of being a hub of petty politics and mediocrity, these need to be made hubs of research and development as they always were in ancient times. This will make India a global innovation hub.

Promotion of Indic languages:

Indian government must promote Indic languages and stop favoring English. This means that the predominance of English in every sphere from trade and commerce to administration to judiciary to higher education will have to come to an end. As a first Step Indian government should start making use of Indian languages in its daily press briefing. It is already using Hinglish (a mixture of Hindi and English) in press conferences. It should switch to Hindi.
State governments can do the same for their regional language. With the help of technology, different language-speaking people can easily communicate with each other. Language is no longer a barrier to communication. Indian mission abroad should officially communicate in Indian languages like in Hindi instead of doing this in English. This will promote Hindi and increase India’s soft power index. For Sri Lanka and Singapore, they can use Tamil as it will help in connecting with the Indian diaspora better. Moreover Tamil is an officially recognized language in these countries. Over a period of time, It will also increase India’s chance of getting Hindi recognized as one of the official languages of the UNO.
The most important advantage will be the mental decolonization of India, which has so far been hindered by the predominance of English. English promotes the us versus them mentality in administration. As most of the Indians do not understand it, leave alone speaking it, Its use in administration promotes a Sahab syndrome that rules over native barbarians. This is not a very healthy situation for a country that prides itself on inclusive development.

Indic languages should also be used in Higher education. Instead of teaching Engineering, medicine exclusively in the English language, These courses should be offered in Indic languages. On a pilot basis, initially, courses should be offered in one or two universities. Gradually it should be opened in other areas. This will promote Indic language and make Indians free from mental colonization which they have come to accept without even knowing about it.

Creation of new global institutions

Indian government must create new institutions to project Indian Power. Existing global institutions like IMF, World Bank, ADF, UNO, WHO are nothing but tools of propagating colonialism of the west. India should learn a Thing or Two from China. China has not only infiltrated western institutions but also created a new one. It has infiltrated WHO, ADB, World Bank, etc. Besides this, it has created new global institutions like AIIC, BRICS Bank, Belt, and road initiative. It has created Confucius institutes to infiltrate western universities.

India can do the same with the creation of its own banking institutions. Similarly to propagate thoughts of lord Krishna, Shiv, Adi Shankara, it should create Indic institutions and start infiltrating western universities. This will help in increasing India’s soft power quotient. To rival WHO, it should create its own medical global Institutions. It can support Vishwa Ayurved Parishad and make it a vehicle of the Indian medicinal system free from the influence of predatory pharma lobbies.

Creation of own global tech and AI platforms

AI is fundamentally going to change the world. It will have a far-reaching impact on the economy, politics, society, and religion. However, India has been lagging behind research and development in AI. Today China and the US are in a neck and neck fight to win the AI race. India is nowhere in the scene. Besides this India has been heavily dependent on global tech giants like Google, Twitter, Facebook Amazon. This has given immense power to these cyberbullies that they consider them above the law [ Read Here ] This the repeat of East India company invasion over India, where it disobeyed Indian rajas and later on became political master of India. India should avoid that fate. It should immediately develop and support local tech players to take on these cyberbullies. This will help India to maintain its political, economic, and social independence.

Connect with India’s cultural brand Ambassadors

Though India has huge soft power potential, it has remained unutilized due to government apathy to it. However, there are many organizations that are promoting Indic thought and values. Organizations like HSS, VHP, ISKON, Art of Living, Vishwa Ayurved Parishad, Samskrit Bharti have been active in the promotion of Yog, Samskrit, Ayurved, Hindu Dharma, etc abroad. However, GOI through its policy of secularism and Hindu apathy has maintained a cold attitude towards them. They could have been a valuable ally for India’s power punch abroad.

ISKON, HSS, VHP, Samskrit Bharti, Indian Yog gurus, should be provided full official support by the government of India. Indian ambassadors across the globe should extend full support to these organizations as US ambassadors do to churches or Islamic countries do to Islamic seminaries and mosques.
These organizations will act as the extended arm of the Government of India and will help in mobilizing opinion in the favour of India. This will increase India’s global power manifold. It will also help India emerge as a civilization state as Israel is.

However, making such a radical change will not be easy. It will face a lot of resistance from Macaulay’s children. India should be resolute and confident in pursuance of its goals.
Besides this, India should immediately take measures to control its soft power. This means that India should certify and control the study of samskrit, Hindi, Ayurved, Yoga, and Hinduism in western universities as the Chinese have been doing. Any distortion of Indian knowledge and traditions should be properly opposed by GOI. It can take various measures like blacklisting the universities or the individuals, providing financial grants to support the Indian viewpoint, etc.

Taking responsibilities of NRIs

There are approximately 2.84 Cr overseas Indians living in approximately 200 countries [Read Here]. These people have a deep attachment to India. Besides this, there are many Non-Indian Hindus living across the globe. They could have been a great asset for India. However, what is the reason that they do not lobby for India as Jews do for Israel or Chinese do for China? The reason is not hard to find.

India since Independence under the Nehruvian wisdom adopted a policy of non-interference in the matters of overseas Indians. This was done as a safety measure to avoid interference in India’s internal affairs by global powers. However, the Interference of other global powers in India’s affairs continues unabated through their branch offices like Islam or Church. India did not care even when NRIs were facing racial discrimination and genocide [ Read Here ].
Worse It has always turned a blind eye to the genocide and massacre of Indians in general and Hindus in particular. Feeling betrayed by the INDIA, Overseas Indians do not feel any kind of loyalty towards India. Though they are emotionally attached to India, they do not actively lobby for India as they have learned from their past experiences.
India needs to change this policy of aloofness towards overseas Indians. Just like Israel, India should become a civilization state and speak for the protection of Hindus.

Need of Global Indian Channel

Indian government should have a global international voice of its own. Al Jazeera, CNN, BBC promote the grand narrative of their own civilization. India should also promote its own viewpoint and aggressively counter any distortion of its civilization. This will help India in creating a positive unique image across the globe.


In a sense, India has the potential to have a soft power equivalent to that of the Vatican and hard power as that of China. However, there is a world of difference having potential and its actual realization. Though Indian leaders never get tired of boasting that India is going to be Vishwa Guru, the fact is that India needs to do a lot of hard work even to be a regional superpower, leave alone being a Vishwa Guru.
If India takes all these measures soon, within a decade or two, it will reach the position of France. Though this may disappoint some Indians who consider India to be no lesser than China, the hard truth is that India fares very poorly in the global power matrix. India needs to understand one important thing about getting a superpower tag. Super Power Tag is not sought, it is wielded with conviction. Or to paraphrase in Samskrit “ न अभिषेकों न संस्कारः सिंघस्य कियते वने , विक्रमाजिर्तस्त्वस्य स्वयमेव मृगेंद्रता । A lion does not need a coronation ceremony to be king. It becomes king through its own courageous deeds. Powerful nations do not care what the other world thinks of them, or what NYT or the Economist writes about them. They act in their self-interest in accordance with their requirements. The best example of this is Israel, which goes to any extent to secure its national interest. It is not apologetic about its acts.[ Read Here].

The moral of the story for India is instead of calling itself a superpower or clamoring for UNSC’s permanent membership, it should start working on a long-term strategy for being a powerful nation. With the right strategy and policy, India can acquire its rightful place in the comity of the nations. However, if India does nothing and keeps working with its “ Chalta Hai ” attitude, permanent membership of the UNSC will not be of much use. It may become a satellite state of the west.
It will be like the UK, which though possesses nuclear weapons and has UNSC membership but is completely dependent on the US. Many patriotic Indians will not like India being reduced to such status. This will also endanger Dharmic Civilisation as the civilization ethos of India and the west are diametrically opposite to each other. India must act in the national interest and act fast to secure its national interest first before clamoring for a superpower tag.


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